Five Easy Ways to Save Money Now

I truly believe that there is nothing saving money can’t fix. First, it’s just plain smart. Second, you’ll feel like a badass in control of your life, so get to it. Here are five too-easy-so-just-do-it ways to save more money right now.

1) Meal prep.

No joke, you can make a week’s worth of lunches for the cost of one lunch out. That’s messed up. Take the time (you know you can find it) to plan and prep your meals. This is one of those bonus points tips because while your wallet grows fatter, your waistline will no doubt shrink because you are controlling what goes in your food. Every Saturday morning, I write out my plan for the week. What do I need to get at the grocery store, what will lunch look like this week, dinner, etc.  The more I plan, the less work I have to do during the week, which means more time for the things I enjoy, like blogging 🙂 And it doesn’t have to be complicated, people. Stick to the basics and it will be smooth sailing. I normally make meals up in three-day periods, so I have lunch ready Monday-Wednesday, and then whatever we have for dinner on Wednesday night, we are usually eating for lunch on Thursday and Friday. It’s easy manipulate a dish to make it something different. And if you want to eat something different every day (some weeks I do!), then go for it! Just plan accordingly. For example, some of my absolute favorite easy meals to prep are hardboiled eggs and half an avocado. Boom, done. Are you on the spaghetti squash train (you should be!), prepare it on Sunday and you have meals for Monday and Tuesday. Um, chia seed pudding anyone? It’s amazing, it’s easy, and I make it several times a week for a lunch so delicious, it tastes like dessert.


Chop up your veggies and store them in an airtight container, for easy grab and go meal additions or snacks. Cook your protein in large batches for three days’ worth of muscle building fuel. Buy glass containers that are easy to wash. Invest in a Fitmark bag to cart around your goods conveniently.

2) Stop buying water bottles.

Bad for the environment and bad for your wallet. Is there much more to say? Buy a BPA-Free reusable water bottle and get used to filling it up. I never leave my house without one. I take my Blender Bottle to the gym and my MIU Color Bottle (so cute!) to work.

3) Kick the afternoon coffee habit

Well, you should be drinking Bulletproof coffee so you’re already making it at home, right? 🙂 If not, please start. It is such a waste of money to buy a coffee on your way to work every day. There are some incredible (and inexpensive!) coffee machines that you can literally program the night before to have a cup of joe waiting for you the next morning upon waking.  Fill up your adorable to-go coffee tumbler, and get your caffeinated booty out the door!

4) Join rewards programs

Yes, it can be annoying when you want to check out at Ulta, I mean Ann Taylor, er, I mean the grocery store, in peace and avoid the, “Do you belong to our rewards program?” question, but it’s worth responding to. You will save lots of moolah and get freebies by doing so. I live in western Michigan, so when I am not buying in bulk from Costco (another incredible money saver when you buy the right items), I’m clipping my “m-perks” from Meijer and making it rain coups. We save hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year by taking five minutes to clip coupons and earn rewards from shopping trips.

5) Start DIY’ing

Start doing reasonable tasks yourself (so, no, not your haircut) that you normally pay to have done. For example, yes it feels amazing to have someone else scrub and massage your feet and then paint them in your favorite shade of OPI (specifically, “I Think In Pink”), but if you want to save money, you really need to start doing that yourself. On average, a pedicure costs upwards of $45 and manicures are typically $25 and up. And if you get your nails done for purposes of relaxing, that’s possible at home too. Soak your feet in a warm tub of bubbles while sipping some vino and listening to music. Then move into your bedroom and turn on your favorite audible book, listen, paint, and enjoy. Toes are ready to dry? Move on into the living room and relax. Watch TV or just close your eyes while those pretty little toes dry. Aaaah.

These are just a few ways to save money now! What methods do you practice to save money? Share below!



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