Change How You Eat, Change How You Feel

Here’s the inside scoop on what I have found gives me the best results for a happy and healthy life. I have never felt better – emotionally and physically – and a heck of a lot of that is thanks to my diet. What you put in, is what you get out. Want to feel like crap? Then eat junk. Want to fuel your body and feel energized and amazing? Then eat real food. And by real food I mean something that is all natural, is grown outside, and nourishes your body. Occasionally, I will eat something from a package, but the ingredient list is clean and small.

Fat is my primary source of fuel. I love how much energy it provides me, how it fuels by brain, and the way it gives my hair and skin a beautiful healthy glow. Plus, fatty foods are so flavorful! In any given day I will have eaten grass-fed butter; full fat coconut milk; avocados; raw and grass-fed cheeses; grass-fed meats such as beef and lamb; pasture raised chicken, bacon (yaaas!) and pepperoni; coconut oil like it’s my job; brain octane oil (bulletproof coffee is life!); pecans, cashews, walnuts; nut butters; eggs (yes, the yolk too!); kalamata olives; and lots of homemade bliss cups.

Filling in the gaps are veggies, veggies, and more veggies. My motto is that if the majority of your cart is not filled with veggies, then you need to go buy more. I buy almost all produce organic. The cruciferous family is my favorite. I’m talking broccoli, broccolini, brussel sprouts, cauliflower (a daily obsession), kale, arugula, watercress, cabbage, sprouts, and more. I find that for me, low carb, gluten and grain free is the way to go. I have noticed an immense change in my mood, energy and body since eliminating these types of foods from my diet. When I do have carbs, I stick to complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and yams. If I want pizza, I’ll make it with almond flour or order a gluten-free crust. Burgers I usually wrap in organic romaine lettuce or steamed collard greens because it keeps it light, fresh, and you get all the flava of the delicious grass-fed meat. No, I don’t have celiac’s disease, but this is the way I choose to eat because it makes ME feel best!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a sweet treat and enjoy them regularly. When it comes to desserts or any type of sweet, I always choose a dish with my well-being in mind.  I love transforming traditional desserts and creating a superfood version of them. They are delicious (better than the originals if you ask me!), easy, and you can feel good about eating these types of dishes. They make me so happy! Therefore, most of my clean treats will be either vegan, raw, gluten-free, and/or dairy-free. This is what makes my taste buds and tummy happy most, but you should love what you are eating or it won’t satisfy you. So always, always listen to YOUR body and needs. And I emphasized most for a reason, as I will occasionally eat one of my father-in-law’s incredible homemade desserts because they are delicious and he is the best!

Fun Fact About Me: I love a good happy hour! In the summer especially, my hubby and I love to hang out on our gorgeous front porch and sip on something delicious while we chat and laugh. I also think that any meal can be elevated with the perfect pairing. While I don’t drink every day, I do drink 1-2 times a week, so I like to keep my drinks simple and clean. A healthier happy hour if you will. Therefore, I keep my cocktails full of delightful ingredients that leave me feel happy and not hungover.

Bottom line: eat real food that you enjoy and your body will take care of the rest!



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