How She Does It With Sari Diskin of Eat Well Detroit: A Q&A

When you think of Detroit, your initial thoughts are probably the exact opposite of glowing health, but thanks to individuals like Sari Diskin, Detroit is abuzz with transformative change including: yoga, green smoothies, loaded avocado toast, flowers, and healthy smiles. Sari (pronounced “S-air-E,” short for Sarah) and I met on Instagram and instantly clicked. She embodies the philosophy that good health starts from within and is taking that one step further by making strides to help turn around a city that has long been written-off into a vibrant and healthy city.

In our Q & A below, Sari explains her passion for energizing food, her daily healthy habits, and what brings out her bliss.

MG: How did you find yourself in a wellness career?

SD: After spending nearly 4 years in the advertising business, I decided to change course and pursue health, wellness and nutrition. And here I am today – excited to grow my business and inspire people to be well.

MG: Describe a typical day in your life.

SD:  I love slow mornings. I wake up with the sun, or earlier, to get in that quite time. Coffee on the porch or on the couch – catching up on social media, reading or just enjoying that stillness in the morning. It sets my day up perfectly. Rushed mornings trigger anxiety for me. After an hour or two, I have a small breakfast (hard-boiled egg or some Siggis whole milk plain yogurt) and head to a workout. After my workout, I make my smoothie. Then I get to my emails, meetings, baking for my weekly pop up, calls or my part time job at Athleta in the mall. Even though I am working for myself most of the time, I try to keep my schedule in tact so I stay motivated. In the evenings, I spend time with my husband (who is in Medicine) and friends. I always cook dinner, often for many people OR I am out somewhere at a new restaurant on the town. My evenings are spent cleaning, chilling out, walking or reading. I do not watch a lot of TV (although that will probably change come winter time). I go to bed around 10:30 or 11:00 and always look forward to my morning coffee in peace.

MG: How would you describe your diet/nutrition philosophy?

SD:  It is different for every single person. What works for me may very well not work for you. It is all about body listening. Tuning into to how you feel before and after you eat certain things and really finding what it takes to feel satiated, nourished and most importantly happy. Food is so powerful, I want to help people use it to their advantage – both with mind and body.

MG: What’s your workout routine look like right now?

SD:  These days, I am super into Yoga. I practice 3 to 4 days a week and aim for one barre class and one spin class. I also like to walk / jog and listen to podcasts. Especially in this nice weather.

MG: What are you working on right now?

SD:  Building my business through several projects and getting myself well acquainted with the world of health and wellness blogging.

 MG: What are you most passionate about?

SD:  Food. Healthy, nourishing, good for you, energizing food! I love to cook for myself and for others. There is such beauty in giving your body exactly what it needs. I believe that is best derived through food.

Yes, please.

MG: What are you most excited about right now?

SD:  Two things. 1) Nutrition School – I LOVE learning, reading and soaking in all the information. I love sharing the knowledge and internalizing it to dictate my own healthy habits. 2) Detroit. This city is incredible! Never thought I would say that. So much going on, so many amazing people to meet. The possibilities are endless. So excited to be here right now.

MG: What personal habit are you most proud of?

SD:  I drink a glass of water (usually with lemon) every single morning. This cleanses my system and I can feel it. I cannot live without this!

MG: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned recently?

SD:  The connection between nutrition and hormone balance. Super interesting, especially for women.

MG: What is your must-buy grocery item that you can’t live without?

SD:  Nut butter, avocados and blueberries.

MG: What’s your favorite breakfast?

SD:  Smoothie! Always! Not too much fruit to keep fructose down, but a good combo of protein, fat and fiber to keep you full. Plus, I always sneak some veggies in there like frozen cauliflower and spinach. You cannot even taste it.

Smoothie Goals

MG: What’s your favorite motivational quote or mantra?

SD: “This too shall pass.” It reminds you to appreciate the best moments and power through the hard ones.

MG: What’s your favorite emoji to use on Instagram?

SD:  The watermelon and the sunflower!

MG: What brings out your bliss?

SD:  Yoga and mountains. Or better yet, combine them. Yoga puts me at peace and connects me to my body. It grounds me. Mountains allow me to breathe and enjoy natural beauty. I love them! I get out to the west coast 1 – 2 times a year just for the nature.

Sari lives in Detroit, Michigan and can be found on Instagram at eatwelldetroit She also has an amazing nutrition and wellness blog where she shares her delicious recipes and gives details on her pop-up bake shop in Michigan!

Is there a fit foodie, health coach, or nutritionist you’d like to know more about? And if you have a story to tell, please don’t be shy! Let me know in the comments below, email me or reach out to me on instagram!



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