January Favorites: A Monthly Recap

I’m excited to introduce a new monthly series where I will share various things that I fell in love with in the past month! From food to fitness to beauty care to books – anything is fair game!

1) Acure Organics Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Nearing the end of 2017, I was on a mission to rid my home of toxic products and I started with my beauty care. After much research I found Acure Organics and I am absolutely loving all of their products. Not only are their line of products incredibly affordable, but all of their products contain clean ingredients (think paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, silicone free and cruelty free) AND work absolutely wonderfully. I have many of their products ranging from shampoo and conditioner (the peppermint scent is so amazing in the morning and this combo gives my fine hair so much volume!) to body lotion and day cream (a citrusy scent that I cannot get enough of!) and even a French green clay face mask that has chlorella in it! I enjoy them all thoroughly, especially their dry shampoo (I wash my hair maximum twice a week, so quality is a MUST for me). The one for brunettes has cacao powder in it! How cool is that? I I definitely encourage you to explore Acure’s line of products. The blog Beauty Proof does a great job at recommending many clean brands, including Acure.

Shop these clean beauty must-haves!

2) Ceramic Mugs

I have been all about the ceramic life lately. From mugs (so cozy!) to vases (so chic!), I want it all! When I was in San Diego in early January, I ventured into a lovely gift shop and was instantly enamored with this bright blue matcha tea mug. I am normally an earth tone gal, but this beauty just spoke to me. It was made by hand in Japan (it even has the potter’s initials on it!), and it brings me so much happiness in the morning when I sip my bulletproof coffee from it, or later in the day when I enjoy drinking my matcha from it. Pictured here is my bulletproof mocha 🙂 I have been scouring Wolf Ceramics’ website for a second ceramic purchase! Everything is so dreamy!

3) Sparkling Mint Mineral Water

This one came as a surprise to me, but I’m so glad it did! I’m not one to buy bottled water and when my hubby and I go somewhere nice for dinner and they offer us sparkling or still water, we never think twice before requesting still, LOL. That said, I was perusing one of my favorite local grocery stores and saw this big glass bottle of sparkling mineral water infused with mint (I looove mint!) and immediately wanted to try it. Mostly because of the mint. When I got home and poured a glass, I was in love. It is so refreshing! “Sparkling” is definitely the correct adjective to use for the effervescent feel because it isn’t bubbly, nor fizzy, but somewhere in between. And, as it turns out, it really is good for you because it does in fact contain important minerals. Here’s an article all about the benefits of mineral water from the Bulletproof website.

4) Silvery Lavender Nail Polish: Show Steel-er by Sally Hansen

For when you are over the holiday red, but still want to be festive, this hue is for you! I love how flirty and feminine it is, while still screaming “let’s toast and drink champagne.” Plus, it goes with everything! Navy dress? Set. Black paints and a white dress shirt? Check. That oversize knit sweater in eggplant that you wear allll weekend long? Done. Love, love, love this color. It’s not toxic-free, but for the time being, it’s bae.

Be a show “steeler”!

5) The Happiness Project

Much like my adoration for feel-good podcasts, I also love upbeat and cheerful books, and this one definitely fits the bill! It’s an easy read and gently reminds you to focus on what matters! Gratitude is the attitude is definitely the takeaway from this charming book.

Get happy!

6) Health Ade Kombucha in Reishi-Chocolate

For the love of all things booch (and in my world that is A LOT of things!), this is the most magical flavor I have ever encountered. I was literally singing as I gulped this down drank this because it is that good! Think tootsie roll that is spiked with cacao and reishi mushrooms. The booch itself is smooth and sweet and I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on it again ASAP. Plus, reishi mushrooms are nutritional powerhouses. Read more about why here.

7) Hymilayan Salt Lamp

My adorable and trendy momma got me a salt lamp for my birthday! I absolutely love using it when I am winding down before bed or during my nightly meditation (more on that below!) because it is so soothing and calming. Salt lamps purify the air, increase energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and neutralize the effects of electronics. Plus, it is so pretty and it gets a 10/10 for home décor. I have it on my desk in my office!

So much zen!

8) Calm App

The number one app for mindfulness and mediation, the Clam app brings clarity, joy and peace to your daily life through guided meditation. I practice 10-15 minutes of meditation before bed as that is the time of day that works best for me. I have such a busy mind so finding that peace and quiet before bed is so helpful for me. I highly recommend this app (there are many options for free!) for beginners who may not know where to begin with mediation. The benefits of meditation are abundant, but you will only reap the rewards with daily practice.

9) Orange Theory Fitness (“OT”)

If you love sweating your butt off and challenging yourself, then you are going to love OT! The intensity and variety is just what I was looking for to mix up my lifting routine. Currently I lift three times a week and go to OT twice a week. I always leave in the BEST MOOD (hello, endorphins!) and drenched in sweat (anyone else love to sweat?). The facility is amazing, the hour long class flies by, the instructors are fantastic and they have great time options available. You can try your first class for free and I definitely recommend you try it. I have been doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) solo for a long time, but never really paid attention to my heart rate. OT is all about monitoring your effort via your heart rate to get the best results. You’d be surprised at how much harder you push yourself once your name is up on a screen (with everyone else in the class) showcasing what type of effort you are putting in!

10) Lobe Wonder Earring Support

Anyone else have the dreaded stretched opening on one or both of their ear lobes? My right ear does and it used to be such a pain, or impossible to wear dangling earrings or just a heavier earring. And even if you do not have that problem, these adhesive stickers will prevent it from ever coming to be! They are worn discreetly behind your ear lobe. Once you put your earring in you penetrate one of the holes in the patch which keep the earring in place. Genius! I don’t wear earrings without them!

Wear all the dangly earrings this month!

I hope you enjoyed this list! Do any of these match your January favorites? 🙂 I can’t wait to see what awesome favorites come my way in February!



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